Just the FAQs

  • Are tickets required per person or per car?
    You only need one ticket per car on driving nights.  You will need 1 ticket per adult 16 and older on Walking nights.  Kids 15 and under are free on walking nights.
  • Is this event rain or shine?
    Yes! You can drive through in any weather and stay dry and warm in your car. If weather is looking bad on a Thursday walking night, we will switch to a driving night.
  • Can I change the date of my ticket? 
    Yes- just send an email to support@bigtickets.com with your confirmation number and the new date and time you want to attend.
  • How long will it take to drive through?
    It will take approximately 18 – 25s minutes depending on the pace of the drivers in front of you. We ask that everyone drive slowly and be aware of those in front and behind you.
  • Will there be food or drinks available for purchase?
    Lots of restaurant options are available within Atlantic Station. Click here for a list of restaurants. We will have a concession stand on Thursday Walking nights with hot chocolate, Smores and more.
  • Can I bring my bus, large van, limo, or camper?
    No, large vehicles are not allowed. mini-vans, trucks and SUVs are the largest vehicles allowed through the festival of lights due to sharp turns. We also have a 9 foot maximum height. You will crash into our welcome arches and our check in tent if you have a vehicle over 9 feet.
  • How many friends or family members can I bring?
    Everyone in your vehicle must have a seatbelt on so you can bring as many people as you have seatbelts for.
  • Can I bring family in the back of a pickup truck?
    Unfortunately everyone must be inside a vehicle with seatbelts on throughout the whole experience.
  • Can I walk through the lights?
    No, only vehicles are permitted through the lights show on driving nights. Every Thursday will be walking nights, weather permitting.
  • Can I drive my motorcycle through?
    Yes, you can drive a motorcycle through the lights.  AtlantaFestivalofLights / Instagram @AtlantaFestivalofLights
  • Can I ride my bicycle / scooter?
    We may be hosting a ‘bicycles / scooters only’ night which will be the only time you are permitted to ride your bike or scooter. Follow us on social media for more details.
  • Can I smoke throughout the drive?
    We ask that you do not blow smoke out of your windows on site since cars will be in close proximity to you and driving at a slow pace.
  • Can I go through more than one time?
    Since tickets are sold for specific time slots, we won’t be able to accommodate requests for repeat trips in one night since other cars will be waiting their turn.
  • What happens if I arrive early for my time slot?
    If you arrive early, you will need to wait until your scheduled time since other cars will be waiting to enter. If you have a lot of time to kill, you can enjoy some of the bars / restaurants / shops in Atlantic Station. The parking deck is free for the first two hours.
  • What happens if I arrive after my scheduled time slot?
    If you arrive late, we should be able to squeeze you in line upon your arrival.
  • Can I buy tickets on site?
    Yes tickets will be sold on site, cash or credit. But we recommend buying in advance (Click here for tickets.)
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    No, unfortunately we do not have any discounts available but the weekday rate (Sunday – Thursday) is cheaper than the weekend rate (Friday and Saturday).
  • Can I get out of my car for pictures or to get a closer look?
    No, we need you to stay in your vehicle throughout the drive. No one is permitted to get out of their car so that we can prevent a huge bottleneck for the cars behind you. Come on a walking Thursday night and take as much time as you like and as many pictures as you want.
  • Where in Atlantic Station is this located?
    The address for your GPS is 241 20th Street, Atlanta, 30363. The site is behind the shops and down the hill from Target. The Line will form on Fowler Street near the Fire Station which is 165 16th Street NW if you want to plug that into GPS
  • What else can I do while I’m at Atlantic Station?
    There are plenty of shops, restaurants / bars, a movie theatre, as well as an ice skating rink across the way from the lights show. Additionally, there is a new bowling alley open for business called Bowlero. Check out the list of attractions here.

Any additional questions, please email: ATLFestivalofLights@gmail.com